A little bit about us and what makes us different...

A Team Built for you

Who We Are

What motivates us? Our team is out of Moore, Oklahoma and we have pulled together our skills and talents to be able to provide a state-of-the-art process to help each one of our clients.   We are a tight knit group that has over 25+ years of experience and knowledge in finding out what the customer needs and wants are to help them generate revenue and meet their goals. From the top all the way to the bottom we are here for you. We brought all our ideas together back in 2019 and found a way to incorporate our ideas into your client’s business model to help provide a better process for you. Our solution is to increase your agency’s ROI by extending the life cycle of the prospects and increase the exposure of the prospects to multiple carriers. 

Our Motto - Prospects Are Priceless

Our Dedicated Team Is Here For You

Jessica Chitwood Long


Amanda Martin

Operations Manager

Jessica McCadden


We Deliver

We create solutions to help you increase your ROI.

We match partners

We evalutate risk and match customers with the best commercial insurance partner to protect their business. 

we are dedicated

We are a dedicated team devoted to providing exceptional customer service to all of our customers and clients.

WE are real people

We are not a digital solution, we provide digital solutions. We provide you with very personalized “human” interaction and are here for you when you need us.

We don't stop

We take every prospect and send them through our proven conversion process. We lengthen the standard prospecting process from 3 attempts over 5 days to 15 attempts over 10 days.

Structure Built for you

Priceless Results

We strive to get you the results you need to take your business to the next level.  

Commercial Insurance Partner (CIP) will carefully triage all prospects by evaluating the risk and finding the best commercial insurance carrier to close the prospect based on risk appetite. 

We offer a professional customer experience team that is thorough and laser focused to get the prospects warm transferred to the best carrier for the agency and the customer.